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The 4th of July in the USA is a time for celebration, eating hot dogs with family and friends and for fireworks.
But it is also a time to stop and reflect on this great country of ours.
A time to remember the courage of our founding fathers and those brave souls who have given their all so that we may may be free.

The team here at Central Security Distribution will take a moment to observe this day with our families and friends.

We will reopen on Thursday for our normal business hours.

We truly thank you for your interest in, and support of, Paradox Security Systems.



In memory of many, and in honor of all who serve this great country,

Central Security Distribution will take time to reflect

on those who have given their all so that we

may be free.  May we never forget.


CSD will be closed on Monday the 28th of May

We will return to our normal business hours of operation on Tuesday


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The global research and development teams at Paradox Security Systems work hard not only to create new and innovative products, but also to improve existing product lines.  The following list includes recent firmware updates for existing product lines.

A complete update history list is also available at the Paradox website.

Please visit and login to view/download the firmware updates.



**Digiplex EVO Control Panels **


EVO192/EVOHD - 192-Zone Control Panel - V6.86.000

What's New

  • PGM programming intended for the onboard RTX3 PGM could on occasion be sent to an invalid module, this situation would have the effect of rendering the RTX3 PGM inoperable. This situation has now been corrected.
  •  When a PGM was set for the activation event “ALL AREAS”, it was operating in the same manner as the activation event “ANY AREA”, this situation has now been corrected.

Version 6.85.006

  • Access event reporting has now been re-activated. To be able to achieve this the two event buffers Security (512 Events), and Access (3072 events) had to be merged into 1 single buffer of 3584 Events.
  • The skip exit delay when arming via card now functions as intended Note: Requires firmware for ACM12 V4.65 and higher.
  • In prior firmware versions, PGM groups 64 to 66 would not function as intended when only a single partition on a multiple partition system was selected. This has now been correctly implemented.
  • In previous versions an issue had existed that when an action was performed on a REM3 remote, an invalid status would be returned. This has now been corrected.
  • The features Postpone auto arming and Auto-arm on no movement exhibited intermittent functionality in previous version. This has now been corrected.
  • When a PCS module was connected via EBUS an issue existed that when the module tamper feature was enabled, inhibit arming on module tamper’s functionality was not as intended, this has now been corrected.
  • Support for the pager format has been removed.



NV780MX - V1.04.10

What's New

  • Improved performance and detection


PGM4 4-PGM Expansion module - V5.02.008

What's New

  • New firmware release which corrects an issue where the PGM4 would only be able to function with the new PGM engine. This has now been corrected and the PGM4 is now able to function on both PGM structures depending on the panel firmware version.
  • An issue existed when connecting a PGM4 module on a panel with older versions of firmware, the “Send All Programming” in Babyware would not function correctly, this has now been corrected. 


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New from Paradox

Introducing the DCT6

Recessed Wireless Door Contact Module


Selectable 433MHz/833MHz On-Board

Durable, Long Life, Cost Effective Alkaline Battery

Indoor Range of 130' to 230'

Anti-Tamper Switch (cover opening)

Powerful magnet guaranteed to Operate at 0.4"

Supervised and Battery Level Monitored


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New from Paradox

Introducing the PGM82 – 8 PGM Expansion Module


Expansion of 8 programmable outputs

PGM control via Insite GOLD application

PGM control with manual on-box switches

Can follow system events as programmed

Display for each PGM, Data and Power

Box cover lock mechanism

Supports Spectra, Magellan, Digiplex EVO and Swan Cloud Services

Connects to control panel via 4-wire on keypad bus

Firmware upgradeable


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